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The Shakers used pegrail in nearly every room.
They used it to hang coats, hats, brooms and
even chairs while the room was cleaned.
Our pegrail can be supplied in lengths to suit
your room. They are available in cherry and
maple or may be left unpolished for painting.
Our craftsmen will advise you on peg spacing to ensure that the finished rail looks the best.
Please ask for a quote if you would like this
bespoke service.

The screw holes for attaching to the wall
are countersunk and are hidden once the
pegs are inserted.

Now also available in Oak - please call for a quote.

We can supply standard lengths as follows:

- 30” long (76cm) with 5 pegs 6” (15cm) spacing
- 45” long (114cm) with 5 pegs 9” (22.5cm) spacing
- 63” long (160cm) with 7 pegs 9” (22.5cm) spacing
- 81” long (206cm) with 9 pegs 9” (22.5cm) spacing 

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Our pegrails are made precisely like those in the 1830 brick dwelling at Hancock Shaker village.

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